Expert training courses

Baking Center™, a hub of bread-making technical know-how, offers the bakery network a varied, interactive programme which goes right to the heart of professionals' concerns. All the modules are run by Lesaffre Group specialists and given added interest through the involvement of external professionals. A friendly atmosphere and shared experiences are the main theme of the numerous practical workshops.


Training courses available for bakers:


"Bread to go!": the world of the sandwich

Fuelled by changes in our eating habits and by its high potential for innovation, the sandwich market continues to grow. There are a multitude of new aspects: practicality, originality,  flavour,  sophisticated ranges, well-being, segmentation into population types… This training session examines this movement in depth. What are the main market trends? What types of bread will meet the diversification in demand?  How can we meet both taste and health criteria? The aim of this highly contemporary module is to combine bread-making and pleasure.

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Message from a participant:

Mrs Cecillia Fassardi – Argentina – Cookery school

"Being a gastronomic chef, I really appreciated the practical workshops that gave concrete demonstrations of the theoretical presentations"



The bases and techniques of French bread-making

Viennese pastries and French bread convey an image of quality and know-how all over the world, which has led to the international success of "French-style" bakeries. In addition to the basic essentials, baguettes and croissants, France possesses a wealth of regional specialities with high added value.  This diversity is now totally compatible with current modernised processes, using deferred cooking techniques. Come and discover the range of practices and products "made in France".

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Message from a participant:

Mr Andrew Gunn– Australia – Bakery franchise

"I achieved my aim: to learn the skills of French bakers and understand why their bread is so famous. Well done to the translators too"



The use of yeast to improve the taste

Consumers are becoming increasingly demanding, searching for more variety in the bread and Viennese pastries available. "Taste" and "health" are currently identified as two key market trends and manufacturers must incorporate these elements in their product development. To meet these concerns, Lesaffre puts its yeast fermentation knowledge at your disposal. The proposed training course will give you an idea of how yeast  technology works and provide you with technical solutions for optimising the quality of your products.

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Message from a participant:

Mr Kostas Fotiadis – Greece – Baker

"I was able to practise in Baking Center™ ovens and try out different yeast profiles. In particular, I learnt how to manage my yeast more effectively. Finally, the shared experience was extremely enriching"