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SPRING FESTIVAL : Once a year, the Spring Festive, is one of the most fabulous and important carnivals in China. This piece recreates all the elements of this celebration: the couplets, the fireworks, paper ribbons hung from windows, the drums, the breads decorated with fish… Discover this recipe


SULTAN OF BREADS: In addition to its high nutritional value, based on the natural sugars and fats from fruits and nuts, this half-pâtisserie/half-bakery creation was inspired by the designs of Tel Kayadif and Tulip, traditional Turkish images. Discover this recipe


CRISPY CHOCOLATE & DULCE DE LECHE : a Dulce de Leche (sweetened milk) fermented dough, on a crunchy chocolate base with a Dulce de Leche centre and crust of crunchy grains… a subtle combination of textures to discover ! Discover this recipe


Creation and innovation Challenge - the “wow factor” bread : Discover a rich taste of stout, the scent of toasted sesame, a nutty texture, cut through with the taste of raisins, the appetising smell of butter, all in a bread inspired by mille-feuille.. Discover this recipe


S’MORE BRIOCHE: Inspired by a childhood dessert, this brioche evokes the warmth of a campfire under a moonlit sky, in the shadow of a Seqouia tree on a summer’s evening… Characterised by a mix of honey-flavoured crackers, roasted marshmallows and chocolate. Discover this recipe


« Boston tea party : The birth of Nation » : The Boston Tea Party was one of the key and deciding events in the War of Independence in the United States. To respond to the tax imposed by the British on tea, a group of insurgents sank a transport ship in Boston harbour. Note the technical prowess ach...


« Dance & musical Instruments of Hwang Jin-Yi from Joseon Dynasty »Hwang Jin-yi was a stunning poet and talented artist, who marked the Joseon dynasty. This piece shows her as a glamorous artist, created in subtle shades that underscore her immense beauty.Discover the steps of elaboration and t...


EARTHLY GOODNESS: In this stunning cornet, we can find a mix of brioche with basil and sweet potato, lifted with a prune pastry. This beautiful creation is crowned by a tasty cookie with dried fruit and mushrooms, with a hint of rosemary. Discover this recipe


As part of his Bake & Dine challenge, Chung Yu gives us away his recipe for « his bread takes center plate » ... the " Tastes of the land ": A crusty bread, covered in quinoa grains and filled with beef and vegetables, for all lovers of savoury snacks with a difference and sandwiches ...


As part of his Bake & Dine challenge, Anna gives us away her recipe of her « Home style hotpot » : This product’s originality lies in its filling, prepared with beef, potatoes and onions; a simple, traditional “village” dish, in a creative design. Discover her recipe (PDF File)