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Alan DUMONCEAUX, Gourmet Baking candidate at the 2018 Masters de la Boulangerie


Chung-Yu HSIEH, Nutritional Bread Making candidate at the 2018 Masters de la Boulangerie


Two technical presenters for the 2018 Masters


The progressive evolutions introduced in the last Louis Lesaffre Cup and the Coupe du Monde de la Boulangerie have led us here – to a 3rd edition of the Masters de la Boulangerie that is resolutely different in both content and form.


The line-up for the 2018 Masters de la Boulangerie jury is particularly finely balanced. Requirements include: a high level of expertise, an open mind and vision, which must be combined and balanced with knowledge of the three competition specialities. The jury president, Johan SORBERG, now has five...


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Unique and exceptional, the global Masters de la Boulangerie competition will bring together the profession’s international elite during the 2018 Europain show.


Join us on 25th of June 2017


Join us on 18th of June 2017