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The highly coveted WORLD MASTER BAKER title stands for the Graal of the Bakery Masters. Only six bakers in the world currently hold this title, proof of their unique expertise in international bakery !    


The prestigious baking competition is starting now ! It’s the final stage in the Louis Lesaffre Cup – the Coupe du Monde de la Boulangerie – Masters de la Boulangerie competitions cycle and will take place from 3 to 6 February 2018 at the Europain exhibition in Villepinte, Paris.


The taste of bread requires specific terminology and it is important to adapt those terms to the audience. Thank you for following the chapters of this first book Bread in words « Crusty bread ».Retrieve this sensory lexicon in its entirety by clicking here. 


The taste of bread is a major factor in the act of purchase, especially a renewed purchase. Our taste buds allow us to evaluate whether we appreciate the bread and define its aromatic character. Follow the chapter 6 of “Bread in words” by clicking here 


Perceived initially by the sense of touch, then in the mouth, the texture of a bread is an essential factor.The taster must take into account the crust’s texture: is it resistant? Not forgetting the texture of the crumb: is the bread moist/fresh, melt-in-the-mouth or sticky? Follow the chapter 5 of...


Crispy and crunchy to varying degrees, the sound bread makes is a very important factor that tells us about the bread’s freshness. Follow the chapter 4 of “Bread in words” by clicking here 


The smell and taste of bread are often buried deep in our memories. The smell is a very important sense, which, together with appearance, forms part of the product “promise”. The smell of the loaf will dictate to a greater or lesser extent whether we want to eat it! Follow the chapter 3 of “Bread...


The first factor to be assessed when tasting bread is its appearance. The assessment takes place in 3 stages: the appearance of the whole loaf, then that of the crust, concluding with an examination of the crumb of the sliced loaf. Follow the chapter 2 of "Bread in words" by clicking...


The bread in words - CHAPTER 1: The sensory analysis, the new science of sense!