3 teams already formed!

France, the Netherlands and Italy… ready to go! Since the launch of the 4th edition in April 2014, all the countries wishing to take part have been fizzing with excitement… 32 countries have registered across the world and 3 of them have now selected their teams… There’s no question that the pace will quicken over the coming months!

As for France…

At the end of several stages of selections held in France, the team was finalised during the May 2014 final of the Fête du Pain (Festival of Bread) on the square, the ‘Parvis’, in front of Notre Dame, in Paris:

  • Déborah Ott - Viennese pastries and Gastronomic bread making
  • Claude Casado - Artistic Piece
  • Cyril Martin - Baguette and World Breads


As for the Netherlands…

Participating in the last Bakery Masters in March 2014 has not sapped this country’s energy. Here is their team:

  • Peter BIENEFELT – Baguette and World Bread (above)
  • Hiljo HILLEBRAND - Viennese pastries and Gastronomic bread making (below, right)
  • Niek VAN WAARDE – Artistic piece (below, left)









As for Italy…

The Italian team selections took place last October The successful candidates are:

  • Matteo ZAMPATTI – Baguette and World Bread
  • Emanuele SPREAFICO – Viennese pastries and Gastronomic bread making
  • Valentino BALDO – Artistic piece

On the right: their coach - Fabrizio ZUCCHI, former Louis Lesaffre Cup candidate