3 new teams in the running!

Russia, Mexico and Indonesia have selected their teams! In the four corners of the globe, countries are mobilising to create the teams that will take part in this international bakery competition, so training can begin as soon as possible. Who has been chosen?


In Russia…

Russia will be represented at the 2014-2015 Louis Lesaffre Cup by a 100% female team! Anna, Vassilisa and Elena all expressed their joy when they learnt last June that they had been selected. The three women fully intend to support each other throughout their training and to get as far as possible in the competition to fly the Russian flag high and proud.

  • Anna GRIBANOVA - Viennese Pastries and Gastronomic Bread Making
  • Elena ANANYINA - Baguettes & World Breads
  • Vassilisa ZIATKOVSKAYA – Artistic Piece

In Mexico…

Mexico’s national selection took place from 24th to 28th November at the SAFMEX Baking CenterTM in Tocula, Mexico. The call out for candidates in the local publication “El mundo del Pan” (The World of Bread) sparked interest among many motivated candidates but only six of them were selected to go head to head in front of the exacting jury at the Baking CenterTM. The happy winners are:

  •  Antonio Bravo Villamil – Baguettes and World Breads
  •  Lindsay Fragoso Torres – Viennese Pastries and Gastronomic Bread Making
  •  José Ricardo Jiménez Romero – Artistic Piece

In Indonesia…

SAF INDONUSA started the search for the country’s best bakers with regional selections. The final took place at the SAF INDONUSA Baking CenterTM from the 25th to the 27th November 2014 and made three men, all passionate about their beautiful craft of baking, very happy. SAF INDONUSA is proud to present the national team:

  • Murdiyanto – Viennese Pastries and Gastronomic Bread Making
  • Herri Saepul Bahri - Baguettes and World Breads
  • Solihin – Artistic Piece

    On the left, the SAF INDONUSA managing director: Gregorius SUDRAJAT SUKAMULYO