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Lesaffre, the world-famous leader in baking yeast production, opened its first Baking Center™ in France in 1974. This was the first in a network that now comprises 30 technical facilities around the world.
Lesaffre’s initial concept was to offer customers a partner in the sector who spoke their language, and would help them communicate and innovate.

Over time, this form of technical support has been swelled with further teams of experienced, multicultural technicians, who can pinpoint the needs and particular features of every country they work in.

The Lesaffre Baking Center™ technicians and experts capitalize on their knowledge of the cultures, consumer tastes and local markets of every country to provide input for their customers’ innovative projects. For their part, they seek out operational solutions tailored to consumers’ tastes.

The Baking Center™ of Lesaffre in Marquette-lez-Lille provides customers with:


  • 5 climate-controlled baking ovens that reproduce the environments and production processes found on all five continents
  • 2 labs dedicated to ingredients and the analysis of fermentation methods
  • 1 sensory analysis laboratory
  • Ongoing market monitoring