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The progressive evolutions introduced in the last Louis Lesaffre Cup and the Coupe du Monde de la Boulangerie have led us here – to a 3rd edition of the Masters de la Boulangerie that is resolutely different in both content and form.

A competition packed with new ingredients awaits you. Highlights include:


Unexpected challenges 

The organisers have introduced challenges linked to the profession’s future. 

Of course, expertise is a foundation for the competition. Building upon this, we have added the CREATION & INNOVATION and BAKE & DINE challenges.

As for the artistic piece, it will respond to THE ART OF DOUGH challenge and one section must now be duplicated so it can be judged on its taste qualities. 

We expect the candidates to leave well-trodden paths and embrace a great freedom of expression, which will lead them to take risks while still remaining within the baking domain. 

An enlarged jury 

In keeping with this spirit, we have enlarged the skills of the jury by introducing a chef from the gourmet baking profession, who is a cook, a teacher and a culinary critic – but with a baking background. 

It is a unique professional profile that will enrich the other jury members’ experience. The jury must demonstrate an open mind to judge above and beyond the norms. It must be visionary. 


Tips ‘n’ Tricks

Two technical presenters – Pierre Zimmermann (Louis Lesaffre Cup N°4 Jury President) and Jimmy Griffin (2016 Coupe du Monde de la Boulangerie Jury President) no less – will be committed to revealing the tips and tricks developed by the candidates to succeed in this competition’s challenges. A passing on of know-how in its purest form! 


Product Shows

Only the products in the CREATION & INNOVATION, GOURMET BAKING and THE ART OF DOUGH challenges will be part of a show during which the candidates will present them verbally to the jury. 


Spotlight on the Future

3 Young Bakery Hopefuls will take up the challenge to present their vision of baking in 2040, with three topics: the environment, societal evolution and digital developments.  

Each topic will be the subject of a debate. 

The competition will be difficult, exacting and arduous but it will also be a chance to share incredible know-how and every participant will play a part in that. 

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