Technical Jury America

An exceptional jury, for an exceptional competition… Lesaffre is proud to present, under the benevolent eye of jury president Pierre ZIMMERMANN, the personalities who will make up this second jury.

François Brandt

A native of Alsace Region in France, François Brandt is an ambitious and determined man. After having worked in restaurants in Luxembourg, then in England, François passed two degrees in Bakery. In 2002, François decided to settle in the Netherlands with his family. He participated in 2007 in his first competition which gave him the chance to be the best pastry chef in Holland by winning "the Dutch Pastry Award". This title allowed him to access to international bakery competitions. In Paris in 2010, he won the Master De La Boulangerie in the artistic piece category. Today, François works in a private institution called the "Bakery Institute" in Amsterdam, where he shares his passion and his values.


Eun-Chul JANG

is a bakery-pastry Chef and Owner of the bakery La Montée in Seoul, South Korea. After having graduated in 2005 from the “Institut National de la Boulangerie Pâtisserie” in France, he has worked several years with Jean-François Fayolle, one of the Meilleurs Ouvriers de France (MOF). Branched out on his own since two years now, Eun-Chul JANG is keen to work with precision, fineness and style.

I do everything with my hands like in the old time. I am deeply patient and I like to pay attention to details.


For those two well-known bakers, being part of this competition represents a unique chance to learn more about themselves, excel and learn new techniques with bakers from all over the world.