The renowned members of the jury for the EUROPE selection…

An exceptional jury, for an exceptional competition… Lesaffre is proud to present, under the benevolent eye of jury president Pierre ZIMMERMANN, the personalities who will make up this third jury.

Bernd KÜTSCHER (Germany)
Technical juror – Director of the “German National Bakers Academy” in Weinheim

In 1990, 4 years after his bakery training, Bernd took over a family bakery. From that moment, everything moved fast. He took part in a large number of baking competitions in Germany, like the “Stollen Oscar Wettbewerb” in 1999, 2000, 2001, and in 2003 when he won a merit award. In 2001, he was awarded the “Marktkieker” prize for his success as an entrepreneur in the world of baking. In 2014, he participated as a jury member on the programme “Deutschlands Bester Bäcker”, which is like “Britain’s Best Bakery” in the UK and “La Meilleure Boulangerie de France” in France. Now, renowned as an expert in baking and pastry making sensory analysis, he puts his talents to good use running with panache the highly reputable “German National Bakers Academy”.  ».


Pao-Chun WU (Taiwan)
Technical juror – Manager of the “WU Pao-Chun Bakery” in Taipei

From a very modest background, and barely able to read, when he was in the army he realised he needed to change. Since then, he has not stopped trying to prove his worth… and today, in his country, where he gets a lot of media attention, he is the model of a talented self-made man, giving hope to everyone who wishes to make a better life for themselves. His incredible story starts with this baking competition… He fell into baking quite by chance, then in the army he went back to his studies and learnt Japanese. A few months later, he went to study baking in Japan – his inspirational model. It was there that he learnt technique and where his talent emerged. In 2007, he participated in the Louis Lesaffre Cup in the bread category, as part of the Taiwanese team. In Paris a year later, he took 2nd place on the podium in the Coupe du Monde de la Boulangerie – totally unprecedented! Selected for the 2010 Bakery Masters, which he won, he became “Master Baker 2010”. This competition changed his life. Thanks to his title, he became recognised among bakers around the world and has set up his own bakeries.


Haïf HAKIM (Senegal)
Technical juror – Manager of “Aux Fins Palais” in Dakar

Born in Senegal, this Frenchman has known how to export his know-how overseas. At the head of a prestigious bakery in Dakar, he lets his talents as an artisan baker – pastry chef – chocolatier and ice cream maker shine. A 1992 graduate of the Grands Moulins in Paris, Haïf then taught there for two years. In 1999, he decided to return to Senegal to open his own bakery “Aux Fins Palais”, which has become a point of reference in Dakar. Haïf is a competition regular. He took part in the 2004 Louis Lesaffre Cup, as the bread candidate for the Senegalese team. Bolstered by this experience, he returned as team coach for Senegal in the 2011 Louis Lesaffre Cup. He raised his team to the highest level and Senegal went on to the 2012 Coupe du Monde de la Boulangerie. In 2014, he was once again by the side of the Senegalese Viennese pastries candidate at the Bakery Masters. For Haïf, the Louis Lesaffre Cup experience is all about sharing ideas in a friendly atmosphere and an enriching adventure that must be experienced at least once.


Carlos PEREIRA (Peru)
Technical juror – Manager of “Bon Breads” in Las Vegas

Carlos arrived in the United States from Peru at 19 to take a diploma in hotel management. To pay for his studies, he worked part-time as an apprentice baker, then baker in a very well-known hotel in Las Vegas. This is where his career took a different turn… He left to study at the “San Francisco Baking Institute” to train with one of the best bakers in America, Michel Suas, who is considered the “father of artisan bread”. Since then, Carlos’ passion for baking has been shown through artisanal baking. He realised that there was no artisan bakery on the streets of Las Vegas and in 1999, he decided to open his own - “Bon Breads” - to offer Americans the best bread in Las Vegas. A perfectionist, Carlos is considered to be one of the best bakers in the United States and his creations are snapped up around the world. The 2010 coach for the Peruvian team at the Louis Lesaffre Cup, today he is back to take part in the competition again - this time as a jury member.




Christophe HAGNERELLE (France)
Food Critic juror – Michelin-starred chef from the Val d’Auge restaurant

A Michelin-starred chef from the Val d’Auge, he runs the kitchens of this renowned restaurant in the north of France with masterful skill. An artisan chef in his soul, but also an adventurer, Christophe gained his experience in several Michelin-starred establishments, including Joël Robuchon’s “Jamin” and Gérard Boyer’s “Les Crayères”. Curious by nature, he travels the world to discover other culinary know-how. His courage, his talent and his generosity, not forgetting the invaluable help of his wife, saw him awarded a Gault et Millau d’Or in 2011. His participation at the 2015 Louis Lesaffre Cup as food critic gives the competition the benefit of the professional eye of a restaurant expert, for whom bread is the basis of all cuisines and an integral part of every meal.