Running order : Europe Selection

The running order of the international selections for the Europe Zone of Louis Lesaffre Cup fourth edition has been determined!

The competition is fast approaching; it is now time to know more about the schedule planned by the organization… Do not wait any longer to discover in which order the eleven teams will compete.

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24 August 2015 => ITALY – FRANCE - BELGIUM

25 August 2015 => HUNGARY – SERBIA - RUSSIA

26 August 2015 => POLAND – ISRAEL - SPAIN

27 August 2015 => SWEDEN – THE NETHERLANDS AND Young Bakery Hopefuls Show  

28 August 2015 Awards Ceremony

Taking into account the level of excellence required to take part in this competition, and whatever the results, the candidates will be enriched by the exchanges amongst themselves and the unique experience of having participated in such a competition.