Louis Lesaffre Cup jury President!

The Louis Lesaffre Cup has just unveiled its new look… truly international products, the incorporation of a nutritional dimension, a move towards gastronomic bread making, candidates required to present and explain their creations, know-how being passed on to the next generation… and a novel jury concept!

The choice of jury president is therefore key: the task of implanting these innovations at the heart of the jury teams is in his/her hands. Therefore, for this 4th edition, the organising committee has chosen PIERRE ZIMMERMANN as president of the four Louis Lesaffre Cup juries.

This French baker chef is an inveterate globetrotter. However, a few years ago, he decided to lay his chef’s hat in Chicago, to teach at the French Pastry School and open his bakeries in the city. It all began with a patisserie apprenticeship, after which he joined the family business and continued his studies at the Alsace Chambre des Métiers (Chamber of Trades), at the Lenôtre school in Paris, and then at the Richemont school in Lucerne. The rest is history… he even won the Coupe du Monde de la Boulangerie twice: in 1996, as a candidate, and as a coach, in 2008. Today, he is ready to take on this new challenge!

"The Louis Lesaffre Cup, and by extension the Coupe du Monde de la Boulangerie, are events with a global reach, celebrating Great Bread. These competitions put Bakery in the spotlight. Participating in these competitions enables me to gauge how they can change the career path of certain bakers.

Of course, if these competitions are to retain their reputation for excellence, it is vitally important that the challenges are held in a way that is fair for all participating teams.

The Louis Lesaffre Cup, held in the four corners of the world, also requires a ‘unifying link’ between the jury teams. It is a mission I hold dear: to make sure that all countries have the same opportunity to secure a place in the Coupe du Monde, that the participants can showcase their talent in the very best working conditions and that all this takes place within strict adherence to the regulations.  

My life was transformed after these competitions! Now, it’s my turn to help take the Louis Lesaffre Cup to even greater heights of excellence."