Asia Pacific Selection: Who are the South Korean and Australian candidates?

After the Africa Mediterranean, Americas and Europe selections, it is now time to get ready for the Asia Selection that will take place in Jakarta, Indonesia at SIAL Interfood, from the 11th to the 14th of November 2015. Australia, China, South Korea, Indonesia and Vietnam will do their best to win the Louis Lesaffre Cup 4th edition !

As for Australia…

The Australian Baking team was selected in January 2015 from the application of candidates through the Association "Southern Cross Baking Group".

The selected candidates for the Louis Lesaffre Cup are:

From left to right on the picture...

  • Dean Tilden - Baguette and World breads
  • Ben Haslett - Viennese pastries and Gastronomic Bread Making
  • Dean Gibson - Artistic Piece


As for South Korea…

After the national selections organized by the « Korea Bakery Association », the successful candidates who will participate to the Louis Lesaffre Cup are: 

From left to right on the picture...

  • Chang-Min Lee -Baguette and World breads
  • Jong-Ho Kim -Viennese pastries and Gastronomic Bread Making
  • Yong-joo PARK - Artistic Piece