A strategic advantage… the coach

What is a coach? They are a manager capable of steering a group of men and women past “individual potential” to “team performance”.


“Passion helps you go further. The coach must be passionate. Without that he won’t get their message across. The coach holds the reins to steer the team as far as possible" M. Fortin

The “Louis Lesaffre Cup” is an international competition at the highest level in the bakery world, therefore the coach is a precious ally who can guide a team to success. This key individual now has a new tool to help them with their coaching: the coaching guide. Stéphane MANACH, coach of the French team for the 2014 Louis Lesaffre Cup, is drawing inspiration from this guide. As he says...

 "... To construct the training stages, I drew inspiration from the Coach’s Guide put together jointly by the Louis Lesaffre Cup organising team and the three renowned coaches Mario Fortin, Haïf Hakim and Pierre Zimmermann. This amazing training tool is full of real competition experiences and offers both points of reference and good ideas to guide my team”.


Mario Fortin, Pierre Zimmerman, Haif Hakim. 
Mario, Pierre and Haïf are three highly renowned professional bakers who agreed
to share their experiences and impressions of coaching for this guide.



"Being a coach is exhilarating and thankless at the same time: Pushing a young team to excel is amazing but the 10 competition hours are real ‘torture’ for those who know every movement and can no longer do anything” P. Zimmerman

In particular, the three bakers offer precious advice for saving time in preparation and motivating candidates. They even offer suggested training stages.

 "Never give up. Believe is what you do. Trust the candidates" H. Hakim

A guide to consume… not in moderation!