FOCUS on teams: Spain, Israel and Sweden

After several months of hard preparation, the teams are ready to enter in competition phase. Eleven countries will compete during the international selection of Europe for the prestigious Louis Lesaffre Cup and only three countries will be selected for the Coupe du Monde de la Boulangerie.

Let’s discover the faces of the candidates from Spain, Israel and Sweden.



As for Spain …

The Spanish candidates have been selected during « Intersicop », International Bakery, Confectionery and Related Industries Trade Fair, which took place in Madrid in Spain from Monday, 13th to Thursday, 16th of April 2015.Josep Pascual Aguilera, the coach, has already participated in various bakery competitions. He was the Bread candidate of the Spanish team for the Louis Lesaffre Cup 2006-2007.

The three candidates representing Spain are :

  • Javier Garcia MORENO - Baguette and World breads 
  • Guillermo Moscoso MOURE - Viennese pastries and Gastronomic bread making
  • Unai Elgezabal ALVAREZ - Artistic Piece




As for Israel…

Eli Abraham, the coach of the team is very proud to be part of this competition. For him, participating to the Louis Lesaffre Cup is “a big chance to lead his country at the biggest stage of competition in the bakery industry".

The three bakers of his team are :

  • Sassy TAL – Artistic Piece
  • Amir ZALEL – Baguette and World breads
  • Anel ZALEL –Viennese pastries and Gastronomic bread making



As for Sweden…

One man and two women from Sweden will attend the Europe selection of the Louis Lesaffre Cup. Håkan Johansson is the coach and the team is lucky to have him. Håkan won the title of Master Baker in 2014 during the Bakery Masters in Paris in the Bread category.

The team is composed by :

  • Moa BRINK – Artistic Piece
  • Adam SÖDERSTRÖM –Baguette and World breads
  • Susanna SÖDERMAN – Viennese pastries and Gastronomic bread making