Louis Lesaffre Cup 2009-2011 / National team of Brazil

Bread category
Cristiano da Silva Meirelles

Viennese pastry category
Aldo de Jesus Santos

Artistic piece category
Wagner de Mendon├ža Amorim


National selection round:

The Brazilian Association of Bakery and Confectionery (ABIP) organised the Brazilian national trials for the Louis Lesaffre Cup in partnership with SENAI. The competition was held in the federal capital of Brasilia. It was a resounding success across the bakery industry and was given plenty of positive coverage in the local press. The competition brought together 18 candidates from five regions of Brazil. Selecting the three top bakers was no easy task for jury members, given the technical excellence and determination of all candidates.

On 15 July 2010, three Brazilian candidates were selected to represent their country in the Louis Lesaffre Cup.

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