National team of France

Bread category

Viennese pastry category

Artistic piece category

This team was preselected from the 2008 Bakery World Cup to participate to the 2012 Bakery Wolrd Cup


National selection round:

The French Final of Louis Lesaffre Cup which was held from 12th to 16th May 2011 in front of Notre-Dame de Paris during the Fête du Pain.

Description of the French Louis Lesaffre Cup candidates: 

Bread category finalists


Bakery artisan in Dijon, just sold his business and is nowadays taking a break of few month before building a new project. The competition has no secret for him since he is competing for the third time at the Louis Lesaffre Cup and got the 2nd place at the Coupe de France and the gold medal at the Artistic Piece competition at the International Fair of Dijon. His concern for research and perfection motivate him in this way.

Christophe KERRIEL

Trainer at the CFA of Vanne. Holder of a BM in bakery, he participated for the first time at the Louis Lesaffre Cup in 2006 during when he was nominated 2nd for his region. He enjoyed the experience and then decided to try again.


Bakery artisan in Montpellier, is involved in competition since the beginning of his formation. Holder of a CAP, BP and BM got in 2007, he already proved his know-how through the meilleurs apprentis de France in 2001 (best French apprentices’ competition) and l’Olympiade des métiers in 2005. he puts a lot of himself into competitions by profesionnal motivation.


Bakery worker in l’ile-Rousse, Corsica, is holder of a CAP, BP et BM in bakery. He is, at only 26, responsible of a bakery laboratory where he is completely involved.

Stéphane GENEST

Holder of Bakery and Confectionery CAP, opened his own bakery in the Southwest of France 10 years ago. The Louis Lesaffre Cup is an opportunity to improve himself and communicate on his passion: Baking. Indeed, he is used to competition because he already won the price of the best baguette of Basque country... twice.

Laurent BRUNET

Artisan worker in the artisanal bakery of his family in Cholet, he got a strong professionnal know-how thanks to his Bakery and Confectionery CAP, his Bakery BP and his BM at INBP. Through his participation at Louis Lesaffre Cup he hopes to represent his country and improve his professionnal competences by giving to himself new challenges.

Alexandre BODENNEC

After his obtention of his High school diploma in 2006 decided to follow his child’s dream: to become a baker. He followed the BEP specialization bakery, Bakery BP and confectionnery CAP between 2006 and 2010. He got the title of Meilleur Apprenti de Brest (Best Apprentice of Brest), 2nd place au Meilleur Apprenti du Finistère in 2008 (Best Apprentice of Finistère) and 3th place of Sélection des Olympiades des métiers in 2008. He chose to compete in the Louis Lesaffre Cup to confront his know-how to others’ and learn from it.



Viennese pastry category finalists


Bakery artisan in Strasbourg for 3 years. Holder of the CAP, BP and BMS in Bakery, it is with a solid formation that José began the competition. In 2002, he won the baguette d’or, in 2003, the croissant d’or and in 2006, he has participated for the first time at the Louis Lesaffre Cup. His work represents his biggest passion and he proves it.

Jérome COUDRAY doing some competitions at the same time than working in a bakery in Rennes. According to him, being a candidate at the Louis lesaffre Cup is an opportunity to prove his competences to the profession and improve his products.


After passing his BEP in various activities, he got his BM at INBP of Rouen. Since 2005, he is bakery artisan in Rennes. He participates at the Louis Lesaffre Cup to share profesionnal information and improve his knowledge.


After passing his BM at INBP and obtaining the title of meilleur jeune boulanger du Rhône (best baker of the Rhône), he got the first place with his team at the Coupe de France de la Boulangerie (Bakery French Cup) in 2007. Nowadays, he is working in Monaco and is looking for professional information to improve his work through the confrontation to other candidates.


Bakery workman. At only 22, holder of a BM in Bakery, Quentin has already particpated to some competitions. In 2008, he got the titile of Meilleur jeune Boulanger de France (Best young French baker) and in 2009 he tried the Coupe de france des écoles (French Cup of school).

Rodolph COUSTON part of a family composed of bakery workers for 5 generations. Thanks to his formation at the INBP, he got the opportunity to realized the “galette des rois” (French king cake) for the French ex-president: Jacques Chirac. Nowadays working in Avignon, he is selected at the Meilleurs Ouvriers de France competition, where he is one of the twelve finalists who will competed in April 2011.


Baker in Nîmes. Thanks to his very complete formation and his previous experiences in competition, he is a very serious competitor. Through this experience, he is looking for new objectives to improve his competences.



Artistic piece category finalists


Baker in the family business of his wife Christine – the WEISS Bakery in Seltz. Holder of CAP, BP and BM in Bakery, he owns excellent professionnal basis to lead his project well: to be involved in the team who will represent France at the Coupe du Monde de la Boulangerie.


Baker artisan in Grenoble. He participated already twice at the Coupe de France in the artistic piece category. Holder of a confectionery CAP, his participation to the Louis Lesaffre Cup is a occasion to put his competences to good use and to take advantages of the profesionnal sharing.

Alexandre FIGARD

Baker at Venise in the Doubs. Dad of 3 children he still finds the time for his passion: the artistic Bakery decoration. Holder of a BM in bakery and BEP in confectionery, his objectif is to meet the excellence. He already have won the 1st price for the Baguette de tradition, 2nd place of the artistique piece competition, 3th place of pastry competition at the International Fair of Dijon.


An ex-artisan, aims to multiplicate the challenges in order to improve his art. These last years, he got numerous rewards in the French Bakery competitions and hopes now to play at international level.