Diabagate Aboudramane

A coach full of ambition

Aboudramane DIABAGATE has managed the Abidjan Grands Moulins training centre for eight years. Passionate about his profession, ever-curious and creative, Aboudramane has been a baker since he was 20 years old.

“To show young Ivorians that bakery is a profession of the future”

This is a man ready to assume his role as coach, a role he also takes greatly to heart. “In accepting this mission, I would like to achieve both of my objectives. Above all I want to raise the level of baking in the Ivory Coast, and then I want to show young Ivorians that bakery is a profession of the future”, he confided during an interview at Lesaffre International’s Baking CenterTM in France.


For young Ivorians, the bakery profession is still not seen in a favourable light. It is one of the professions often suggested to young people without qualifications.

“With the Louis Lesaffre Cup, I am determined to show them the other side of the baking profession. Yes, it is a difficult profession, but incredibly rewarding and offers a great number of opportunities. Bakers’ know-how and talent are globally recognised and sought after. This is why being a baker is also a chance to make yourself exportable, to travel and to discover the whole world!”