Musialowski  Yves

A juror’s eye view from Poland

Yves Musialowski part of the jury “for the sheer pleasure”!

Yves Musialowski has always had a genuine, avowed passion for baking and it was thus natural that he accepted the role of juror for the Polish national selection. He explains that he did it, “for the sheer pleasure” and that he wanted to be part of a competition of bakers brought together by this passion, and to be able to share his know-how and expertise.

“Unfortunately, I have never been a candidate in a baking competition, I would have loved to have been.”

Yves, who is originally from Poland, spent his youth working alongside his parents in the family bakery. In 1999, Lesaffre offered him the chance to go to Poland, a superb opportunity to return to his homeland. He stayed there for seven years, and during which he worked in particular to assist with the opening of the Baking CenterTM. At this stage in his career, he also had the chance to coach the Ukrainian and Polish teams.

The Polish national selection took place in October 2014 at the Wolczyn Baking CenterTM, in southern Poland, in front of a five-strong jury.

“It was a great atmosphere throughout. The candidates were a bit stressed, which is normal given such a high level competition, but what surprised me was how the candidates helped each other out. That’s rare!”

The five members of the jury expected to receive nine top-level candidates and they were not disappointed. The nine candidates competing showed immense talent and originality to win over the jury.

“We judged them on purely technical criteria, on their organisation, their capacity to manage the unforeseen and their originality. But we were also looking at their personalities. The three candidates will form a team and it is together that they will follow the path to the final. Therefore the idea was to select three bakers able to develop a real team spirit.