The Louis Lesaffre Cup...

... a baking competition that sets a benchmark.

The Louis Lesaffre Cup is now an unmissable event in the world of baking.

More than just a competition, the Louis Lesaffre Cup is an apprenticeship course, a developer of talents, a chance for interaction and a unique professional and human experience.

The third edition, which is officially launched in September 2009, brings together the best teams of bakers from all over the world, who will compete in the Bakery World Cup at the Europain Show in 2012. During the 2nd edition, 6 000 bakers from 40 countries went through 90 selection rounds. Only the very finest examples of international baking talent take part in this unparalleled event.

The fundamental values of the Louis Lesaffre Cup are: Creativity - Team spirit - Excellence.

The Louis Lesaffre Cup is today a major event in the circles of bakery. More than a simple contest, The Louis Lesaffre Cup is a real training. It showcases finest talents, participants enjoyed true moments of exchange and shared a unique professional and human experience;

The Louis Lesaffre Cup launches its 4th edition with new challenges for the candidates – reworked specialities, a more international breadmaking culture, better adapted to current bakery trends… Enough to inspire every baker who wishes to win over customers… without forgetting the baton passing – a demonstration by “Young Bakery Hopefuls” coached by the national team.  

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The selections

The Louis Lesaffre Cup organizes the primary selection to the Bakery World Cup. There are two levels of selections before qualifying:

National selections: Through its global network, Lesaffre organizes national selections in every participating country. At the end of this selection, the team is made of the three candidates specialized in each of the three categories as follows: Bread - Pastry (Viennoiserie) - Artistic design

International selections: The countries compete then at the international level by continent. The winning teams reach then the top level of the Bakery World Cup.