The 2014-2015 Louis Lesaffre Cup

All information about national and international selections.

The Louis Lesaffre Cup launches its 4th edition with new challenges for the candidates – reworked specialities, a more international breadmaking culture, better adapted to current bakery trends… Enough to inspire every baker who wishes to win over customers… without forgetting the baton passing – a demonstration by “Young Bakery Hopefuls” coached by the national team.  

Main innovations of the 4th edition

The Louis Lesaffre Cup always aims to be the bakery competition that reflects the bakery trends of today – and the future. As such, it must evolve with each new edition. The other competitions in the cycle will evolve in its wake.

An expanded jury: In addition to a jury composed of 4 bakery experts who will score the candidates on the technical standard achieved, the jury will now have new elements: a nutritional advisor (non-scoring) and a "press" jury formed of two members (non-scoring): one food critic and one mainstream press journalist.

Reworked specialities: the specialities have been modified in such a way that through this competition bakery experts will be trained – and their knowledge will positively influence international baking.


3 specialities on the competition programme

  • Baguettes and World Bread
  • Viennese Pastries and Gastronomic Bread Making
  • Artistic Piece

The “Young Bakery Hopefuls”
At each international selection opening, the team will introduce a young person that they have coached for a demonstration. In this way, organisers hope the competition can contribute to passing on professional knowledge.

To know everything about the innovations of the Coupe

International selections 

The international selections pit teams from different continental zones against each other




Africa / Mediterranean

9th to 16th of April

Baking CenterTM Lesaffre Ozmaya  Turkey – Istanbul


29th of May to 4th of June

Baking CenterTM of Lesaffre Argentina Argentina – Buenos Aires


24th to 28th of August

Baking CenterTM of Lesaffre International
Lille – France

Asia Pacific

11th to 14th of November

SIAL INTERFOOD Exhibition  Indonesia– Jakarta

Three winning countries from the previous Coupe du Monde de la Boulangerie (Japan, USA, Taiwan) have already been pre-selected to take part in the 2016 Coupe du Monde, during which they will fight for their title once more. They must however select new candidates to form their national team.

National selections 

Follow the national selections of the officially registered countries, see below

Africa / Mediterranean

Algeria - Mauritius - Ivory Coast - Morocco - Turkey


Argentina - Brazil - Canada - Chile - Colombia - Costa Rica - Mexico - Uruguay - Ecuador


Belgium - France - Israel - Italy - Hungary - The Netherlands - Poland - Russia – Serbia - SpainSweden

Asia Pacific

Australia - China - Indonesia - South Korea - Vietnam